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Website Title: European Southern Observatory (ESO) Recruitment Portal
Description: ESO strives to attract and appoint exceptional talents to support its development as a world leader in Astronomy. We recruit individuals who demonstrate a range of far-reaching skills including integrity, academic excellence, initiative, problem solving and leadership. ESO provides the opportunity to work in a truly international environment, with access to cutting-edge technology and front-line scientific research. Members of the personnel at ESO are engaged as International Staff Members, Local Staff Members, Fellows, Students or Associates. They represent a wide spectrum of professions in the capacity of scientists, skilled engineers, technicians and administrative staff. Fellows and post-doctoral scientists are recruited by the organisation in order to foster their scientific careers. Associates work under short-term contracts with ESO to perform certain tasks in the field of scientific research, or for technical or administrative support. Post-Graduate Students spend up to two years at ESO within the framework of the Studentship Programme.

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