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Description: Retail Jobs: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an estimated 4.7 million retail sales jobs in the United States. With a 10-percent growth outlook over the next 10 years, the retail industry provides countless opportunities for part-time, seasonal, and full-time work. Applicants interested in applying for retail jobs generally need no formal education for employment consideration. Most retail stores hire on help as young as 16, with some states allowing for 14 and 15-year-old job seekers to assume limited roles with special permits from local governments. retail store careers Retail job listings Types of Retailers: Of the 4.7 million retail workers reported in 2012 by the USBLS, 1,008,000 (21-percent) serve the fashion industry, 912,000 (19-percent) work for general merchandise retailers, 528,000 (11-percent) work for auto parts dealers, 432,000 (nine-percent) work for hardware stores and other building goods suppliers, and 336,000 (seven-percent) hold jobs in sporting goods, book retail, video, music, or miscellaneous entertainment stores. Average Pay: The median pay for retail workers hovers around $10.30 an hour. However, entry-level retail job holders usually make around state or federal minimum wage. Certain retailers may impose commission-based pay rates as incentives for work performance. Check out our Retail Salaries & Pay information page for further details.

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