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Website Title: New York Life Insurance Company: Actuarial Training Program
Description: If you are considering an actuarial career, consider New York Life. From its founding over 160 years ago, New York Life has been an innovator in life insurance. New York Life provides an array of insurance and financial products and services to businesses and consumers, including traditional life insurance and annuities. But we offer more than quality products and services -- we offer quality opportunities. The actuaries at New York Life are actively involved in many aspects of the Company's operations including the design and pricing of products and the evaluation of the Company's financial results. With over 84 Fellows of the Society of Actuaries, approximately 44 Associates of the Society of Actuaries and roughly 40 trainees, actuaries at New York Life make a difference. They have earned the respect of both their fellow employees and of our agency force. We provide our actuarial trainees with a broad background in both the theoretical and practical applications of actuarial science by combining challenging rotating job assignments and significant support towards the completion of the actuarial exams. The following pages describe all the benefits our program offers its trainees. One of the most appealing features of New York Life's Actuarial Training Program is the rapport that exists in the actuarial community, not only among the trainees, but between the actuaries and trainees as well. The actuarial community at New York Life has remained strong and dedicated to the profession, while continuing to work closely with members of many different disciplines.

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