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Website Title: Raytheon: Leadership Development Programs
Description: The Raytheon Company Leadership Development Programs (LDP) are built around rotational development assignments. Each assignment is carefully designed to provide challenging developmental opportunities within the context of a short-term work assignment. As an LDP participant, you are expected to develop your full potential in your particular area of emphasis. A mentor, an assignment manager and your program manager(s) will support you. These roles combine to maximize the impact of the two-year development process. Opportunities available in: - Business Development - Communications - Contracts - Engineering - Finance - Human Resources - Information Technology - Supply Chain

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09.05.01 Management
06.01 General, Engineering
10.01 General, Finance
09.03 Human Resources
07.01 General, Technological Sciences
14.06 Information Systems
09.09 Entry-Level/College Graduate Programs
12.02.03 Business

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