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Website Title: Travelers Insurance: Financial Management Leadership Development Program
Description: The goal of the Financial Management Leadership Development Program (FMLDP) is to attract and develop individuals who are highly skilled in finance or accounting and have the potential to become future leaders of the organization. The FMLDP has been preparing future leaders for 25 years. Program graduates currently hold leadership positions in our business segments, as well as in our corporate support organizations. Our graduates are financial officers, controllers and business unit heads, and hold a variety of other highly visible positions. FMLDP participants have certain traits in common. These traits include a strong technical foundation in accounting or finance, strong communication skills and leadership abilities. Drive, a motivation to succeed and personal accountability are also readily apparent.

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09.05.01 Management
10.01 General, Finance
10.02.01 Auditing
09.09 Entry-Level/College Graduate Programs

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