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Website Title: Macy's, Inc.: Careers After College
Description: ome people are all about stability. Others are happiest with change. If you’re partial to both, you’re perfect for Macy’s. On the one hand, Macy’s has been a top tier retailer, the number one department store chain in America, for well over a century. On the other, our size, our strength, allows and is directly attributable to bold innovation. Changing not with the times—but ahead of them. So, to those looking to build a long-term, varied career: Welcome. To those looking to shake things up with new ideas: Welcome. Macy’s is just the place for you. Executive Development Programs available in: - Store Management - Buying - Planning - Product Development - Finance/Accounting - Human Resources - Logistics Management - Information Technology - Credit Operations - Food Management

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09.03 Human Resources
09.05.01 Management
09.05.03 Operations & Systems
10.01 General, Finance
10.02 Accounting
09.09 Entry-Level/College Graduate Programs
14.06 Information Systems

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