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Website Title: Gigniks: VP International Creative Advertising (Sony Pictures)
Description: WHAT YOU DO: Oversee the creation of advertisements (everything from theatrical trailers and TV spots to posters and billboards) used outside of the U.S. Since people in different parts of the world value different things, every ad has to be designed with a specific audience in mind. EDUCATION: Get an undergrad degree in marketing, international business, or some other business-related discipline, then specialize in international marketing in grad school. Study as many foreign languages as you can, participate in 'study abroad' programs, and travel as much as possible. USEFUL SKILLS: Storytelling, mental editing, an eye for photography and art, an ear for background soundtracks, marketing, copywriting and advertising, attention to detail, people and time management, leadership, presentation and communication skills, and lots of intuition. HOW TO GET IN: Gain as much industry experience as you can during college through classes, internships and student groups. Network and build relationships through these experiences, and you'll have a much easier time finding an entry-level position after college at a studio, production company, talent agency or creative agency. CAREER PATH: Start out in an entry-level position, where you'll probably work with a team on all sorts of advertisements. Gain experience and build connections, and you'll end up working on the desk at a creative agency, or under a creative advertising executive in a studio. Here, you might go into more specific types of advertising (like international marketing, for instance). Continue to work your way up the ladder, building a greater understanding of both the studio and vendor side of the creative advertising world; as you get to know more about how to appeal to audiences in different parts of the world, your ads will become more and more successful. Eventually, you can become an executive at a big agency or studio. PAYBACK: Average salary for creative executives at a major studio is $100K+. DOWNSIDES: Creative executives need to deal with strong ego personalities and receive creative input from many different sources (often contradictory), then use all of these opinions to create a campaign that pleases all parties while appealing to consumers around the world. FUTURE OF JOB: As the film business becomes more and more of a global industry, job outlook in this field of marketing is very bright. NETWORKING: While in school, participate in as many on-campus entertainment industry events as you can find. Ask questions and be sure to get contact info from recruiters, event organizers and guest speakers. While interning or working in your first after-college position, ask co-workers for referrals to people in creative advertising departments and try to meet them for informational interviews. Video produced by students at LACES (Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies) working with Gigniks' career media program.

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