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Website Title: Creating LGBTQIA+ Friendly Communities in Healthcare & Education
Description: For LGBTQIA+ students and patients, obtaining healthcare presents a series of challenges from the start. Medical professionals can lack the training needed to provide specialized care to patients who identify as LGBTQIA+. This educational gap has led to health disparities within the LGBTQIA+ community who experience disproportionate rates of suicide, homelessness, substance abuse, HIV, and mental health disorders. However, schools across the U.S. are beginning to provide students and faculty with the tools needed to foster positive change. Curriculum reform, faculty development, and increased recruitment efforts are preparing students to care for a more diverse patient population when they leave school. This guide takes a deeper look into the challenges LGBTQIA+ students face in the classroom, in hospitals and clinics, and on college campuses. We offer actionable solutions to the education- and healthcare-related barriers they must overcome.

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