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Website Title: ASU CareerWISE- the anytime career coach for graduate women in science and engineering
Description: If you're a woman in a doctoral program in the sciences and engineering, you've already shown you're a star! Now you want to make it to the finish line. CareerWISE is your personal, expert, and confidential coach to get you there. You know all about problem-solving in technical areas. Now learn to take on interpersonal and personal issues too. Communicate better even in challenging interactions. Watch role models. Develop new skills for your career. Depend on CareerWISE, where the best research in social science is applied to the everyday situations women encounter in science and engineering doctoral programs.

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70.02 Women
06.01 General, Engineering
06.02 Engineering
50.01 General, Job Search & Employment Issues
50.09 World of Work
50.04 Transitioning
50.04 Transitioning
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