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Website Title: Bank of America Launchpad Diversity & Inclusion Forum
Description: At Bank of America, we realize the power of our people and value our differences in thought, style, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, culture, ethnicity and experience recognizing that our diversity makes us a stronger company. Diversity and inclusion are central to our company's values, and we are proud to be widely recognized for our workplace practices and initiatives that promote inclusion. Whether you are in the early stages of exploring or have decided on a career path, we invite interested freshmen and sophomores to apply for a chance to meet our team of recruiters and professionals this spring (April 2021). Attendees will experience business-specific seminars, join panel discussions on diversity and inclusion, and participate in small group networking. This diversity and inclusion forum supports the bank's commitment to equity and inclusion by recognizing top campus talent from historically underrepresented backgrounds in the financial services industry; specifically Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, women, LGBT+, military veterans and people with disabilities, for the fast-paced internship recruiting process. Our goal is to host a diverse group of attendees, and all students regardless of diversity status are welcome to apply. Selected students will be considered for 2022 summer programs.

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10.01 General, Finance
10.03 Banking
70.06 African-American
70.10 Hispanic/Latin American
70.07 American Indian
70.02 Women
70.04 Gay & Lesbian
70.05 Disabled

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