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Website URL: nture-student-leadership-program
Website Title: Accenture Student Leadership Program
Description: Get involved with our Student Leadership Program (January – end of May 2021), where we’ll help you cultivate your leadership skills and empower you to reach your greatest potential—and carve out your own path to the future. Our six program tracks offer personalized, immersive experiences, matching you with a mentor to help you develop soft and professional skills through a series of virtual learning calls. You’ll gain exposure to Accenture, our culture and our commitment to inclusion and diversity, make Truly Human connections with our people and get an insider’s view of what consulting life is really all about. Wrap up the experience with a Student Leadership Conference focused on networking with Accenture leadership, innovative technology and professional development. And walk away with an opportunity to interview for a full-time or summer analyst position with Accenture.

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