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Website Title: PDX Tech Community #COVID19 Talent Help List
Description: "To the PDX technology community: These are unprecedented times we currently find ourselves in. As members of the PDX technology community, we owe it to each other to help support the workforce that makes what we do possible each and every day. As members of the technology community, we all know that employment can be tenuous at the best of times. We started this database to help those employees who are in between jobs, got let go, or their company recently went under. These are things that happen in any normal period in time in the technology start-up community, but the recent crisis around COVID19 has made employment opportunities more difficult to find. To candidates: if you're currently out of work and are looking for any sort of employment (part-time, contract, full-time), please fill out the link below to add yourself to the list. To the technology community: if you're looking to bring someone on in a full-time or contract capacity during this crisis, please source from this list of the people who need our help the most. If you're unable to bring someone onto your team right now, let's all make an effort to reach out to these people once the crisis is over."

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