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Title Media Type Shelf Location
African Great Lakes Initiative (AGLI)  Website N/A
Ameri Corps.  Website N/A
American Association for Museum Volunteers  Website N/A
American Cancer Society Internships (Volunteer)  Website N/A
American Friends Service Committee  Website N/A
American Hiking Society Volunteer Opportunities  Website N/A
Ashoka  Website N/A
AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps  Website N/A
AYUDA International Dental Clinics  Website N/A
California Coastal Commission  Website N/A
Careers for the Common Good  Website N/A
Catholic Volunteer Network  Website N/A
Changemakers  Website N/A
Charity Village  Website N/A
ChildVoice International  Website N/A
City Year  Website N/A
Claremont Education  Website N/A
COINED Latin America  Website N/A
Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County  Website N/A
Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)  Website N/A
Counsel for Accreditation of Teacher Education  Website N/A
Cross Cultural Solutions  Website N/A
Energize Inc.  Website N/A
Fish and Wildlife Volunteering Page  Website N/A
Foundation for Sustainable Development Internship Abroad  Website N/A
Gap Work  Website N/A
Global Brigades  Website N/A
Global Giving  Website N/A
Global Healing HEAL Internship (1-3 Months)  Website N/A
Global Volunteer Network  Website N/A
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