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Title Media Type Shelf Location
The Saban Free Clinic (is the Los Angeles Free Clinic)  Website N/A
Clearance Jobs  Website N/A
Mil2FedJobs  Website N/A
My Next Move  Website N/A  Website N/A
IES Abroad  Website N/A
Bureau of Labor Statistics  Website N/A
Women's Studies Resource page  Website N/A
United Negro College Fund Special Programs Corporation  Website N/A
The Lime Connect Fellowship Program  Website N/A
Los Angeles Almanac  Website N/A
Black Career Women  Website N/A
Diversity Employers... Connecting Candidates With Careers  Website N/A
ClearanceJobs  Website N/A
Feds Hire Vets  Website N/A
Montgomery Summer Research Diversity Fellowship Information & Past Fellows  Website N/A  Website N/A
Feminist Jobs  Website N/A
Immigrant Risings Scholarship Fund  Website N/A
MALDEF Scholarship Resource Guide  Website N/A Scholarship Programs  Website N/A
Golden Doors Scholars  Website N/A
The Diversity Scholarship Foundation  Website N/A
American Dental Association Foundation Minority Dental Student Scholarship  Website N/A
TELACU Education Foundation  Website N/A
Bender Consulting Services Inc.  Website N/A
National Association of Law Students with Disabilities (NALSWD)  Website N/A
Gigniks Youtube Channel  Website N/A
BioPharmGuy  Website N/A
College Guide for Students with Visual Impairments  Website N/A
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