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60 EMPLOYERS60.05 Summer & Part-Time Directories 60.05.02 Summer Housing
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Title Media Type Shelf Location
Washington DC Intern Housing  Website N/A
Sara's Homestay  Website N/A
University of Pennsylvania-Summer Intern Housing  Website N/A
Northeastern University  Website N/A
International Student House, Washington D.C.  Website N/A
NYC Intern  Website N/A
Villanova University-Intern Housing Program  Website N/A
Grand View University  Website N/A
Educational Housing Services  Website N/A
Sublet in the City  Website N/A
Carnegie Mellon- Conference & Event Services  Website N/A
University of Illinois at Chicago  Website N/A
Columbia University Summer Housing  Website N/A
BU Career Services  Website N/A
Portland State University-Summer Housing & Conferencing  Website N/A
University of Denver  Website N/A
de Hirsch Residence - Student & Intern Housing  Website N/A
Monmouth University-Summer Intern Housing  Website N/A
North Carolina State University-Intern Housing  Website N/A
Peace and Justice Internship Program  Website N/A
International House, New York  Website N/A
Northeastern University-Intern Housing  Website N/A
University of Washington-Individual Housing Programs  Website N/A
The Buckingham  Website N/A
Catholic University Washington D.C. Summer Housing  Website N/A
Georgia Institute of Technology-Intern Lodging Program  Website N/A
Pacific Lutheran University-Short-term Housing  Website N/A
MIT-Summer Housing  Website N/A
UC Irvine Summer Housing  Website N/A
University of Buffalo-Campus Living  Website N/A
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