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Title Media Type Shelf Location
Summer Intern Housing Program at Emory University  Website N/A
NYU Summer Housing  Website N/A
Georgia Tech's Intern Lodging Program  Website N/A
School of Visual Arts  Website N/A
Boston University Housing  Website N/A
Monmouth University-Summer Intern Housing  Website N/A
Northeastern University-Intern Housing  Website N/A
London Metropolitcan University- Accommodation Bureau  Website N/A
Queens University of Charlotte  Website N/A
Dornsife Office of Overseas Studies  Website N/A
Loyola University of Chicago  Website N/A
Global Healing HEAL Internship (1-3 Months)  Website N/A
School of the Art Institute of Chicago  Website N/A
University of Denver  Website N/A
University Center Chicago Summer Housing  Website N/A
The Education Abroad Network  Website N/A
University of Illinois at Chicago  Website N/A
Sea Semester Diversification Award  Website N/A
University of Cincinatti  Website N/A
Augsburg College Abroad Scholarship  Website N/A
Cleveland State University  Website N/A
DIS: Study Abroad in Scandanavia  Website N/A
Grand View University  Website N/A
University of Nevada, Las Vegas  Website N/A
Vanderbilt University  Website N/A
Vacation Study - Guadalajara  Website N/A
Tulane University  Website N/A
Vacation Study Program - Vancouver  Website N/A
Educational Housing Services  Website N/A
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